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Your educational needs. Our commitment.

At Texas School of Business, we strive to provide quality education by offering programs that combine general education, professional skills, and career-focused education to help you achieve your personal and career goals. Close to work or home, Texas School of Business offers four convenient locations in the Houston metro area.

Areas of Study*

  • Allied Health
  • Criminal Justice
  • Information Technology

Allied Health
Gain comprehensive training designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills that could help you pursue entry-level opportunities in the health care field. Experience the satisfaction of helping people when they need it most.

Criminal Justice
Maintain the security in our communities that will always be important to our society. Develop the decision-making and judgment skills that could help you pursue entry-level opportunities in the criminal justice field.†

Information Technology
Maintain and repair the computer systems virtually every organization relies on to conduct day-to-day business. Through hands-on training in computer laboratories, you could develop the communication, teamwork, and critical thinking skills to help you pursue entry-level opportunities in today’s competitive marketplace and become a productive member of a business office.

Our Commitment
At Texas School of Business, we believe commitment works both ways. We are dedicated to your success and value your reason for going to school. That is why we are offering you an opportunity to experience real classes, for real credits, for an introductory period before having a tuition obligation.‡

Why Choose Texas School of Business?

  • Flexible schedules
  • Academic services
  • Limited class sizes
  • Career placement assistance
  • Career-focused education
  • Specialized training labs
  • Experienced faculty and staff

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*Areas of study may vary by location.

†Additional academy training may be required for law enforcement positions. Applicants to the Criminal Justice program in the state of Texas will require additional training approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) upon graduation in order to seek the following positions: police officer, peace officer, sheriff’s deputy, bailiff, and jailer.

‡No credits will be earned if the student withdraws from the program. Students must withdraw before the close of business on the last day of the introductory course for tuition exemption. Students continuing beyond the introductory course will be responsible for tuition in full and the cost of course materials, including textbooks and uniforms.

While programs are designed to prepare graduates to pursue employment in their field of study, or in related fields, the School does not guarantee that graduates will be placed in any particular job, or employed at all.

Kaplan Higher Education or its authorized agents and representatives may contact me via email or telephone to discuss these and other educational opportunities in the future.

Programs Available at Texas School of Business :

Dental Assistant - Diploma

In our dental program, your training will focus on a variety of clinical procedures you may perform on the job as you assist the dentist chairside during dental procedures. Learning how to take dental X-rays, sterilize instruments, set up trays for the dentist, perform four-handed dentistry, and take impressions of patients’ teeth could help you as you prepare for success in the dental assistant field.

Medical Assistant - Diploma

Are you looking to pursue a career in a growing field that allows you to assist others in need? Our health and medical programs offer in-depth training to help prepare you for entry into the exciting field of health care. Through group discussions, lectures, and hands-on laboratory experience, our programs could start you on your way to a rewarding career.

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist - Diploma

Our medical office programs offer in-depth training to help prepare you for work in a doctor’s office, hospital or insurance agency. With a focus on skills like scheduling appointments, transcribing medical information, filing patient records and handling insurance forms, we could help you on your way to an entry-level position in a medical office.

Patient Care Technician - Diploma

Expanding the traditional role of a nursing assistant, Kaplan College’s patient care technician program is designed to help prepare you for employment as a cross-trained nursing assistant, known as a Patient Care Technician (PCT). This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills and can provide supplemental training if you were previously, or are currently, employed in one of the following roles:

  • Health care technician
  • Patient care assistant
  • Nursing aide/orderly
  • Home health aide
  • Phlebotomist
  • Electrocardiograph aide
  • Allied health assistant

Not all programs offered at all campuses

Applicants to the Criminal Justice program in the state of Texas will require additional training approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) upon graduation in order to seek the following positions: police officer, peace officer, sheriff deputy, bailiff, and jailer.

Texas School of Business Campus:

  • North Houston

    Our North campus occupies a large granite office building resting on 3.2 acres of land just south of Interstate 45 and FM 1960 and north of the Beltway. The building was specially designed for education, with comfortable classrooms that provide an ideal learning environment. Two student lounges are available for your comfort during breaks and between classes, and our Learning Resource Center provides e-Jones Library access, a study group area, and computers for research. Ample parking is available on site.

    In addition to classroom instruction, you will receive hands-on, practical training in specialized labs that simulate today’s workplaces. Lab training can help you develop the skills employers are looking for and will give you the confidence you need to become a valued employee as soon as you graduate. Our North campus offers:

    • A computer lab equipped with computers, CD-ROMs, overhead projectors, and other media sources
    • A medical lab equipped with automated external defibrillation (AED) trainer, artificial arms for venipuncture and injections, autoclaves, centrifuges, CPR manikins, electrocardiographs, exam tables, half body models with removable organs, microscopes, scales, skeletons, and other equipment and supplies found in a medical setting
    • A mock retail pharmacy equipped with a class A balance with weights, counter space with sinks for compounding, electronic scales, laminar flow hoods, and other materials and supplies utilized in a pharmacy
    • A dental lab equipped with autoclaves, automatic processors, lab sinks, lathes, model grinders, radiology equipment, ultrasonic cleaner, vacuum formers, and other instruments and supplies found in a dental office

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program & other important details, click here.